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Closer To The Edge iconbattle with deadwoodlightly & inebriator

I'm sorry for the non 30STM lovers. I swear a mutlifandom batch is coming. Some changes too. I hope you'll enjoy those. I went kinda crazy I confess xd. Be sure to credit the right maker. As always, concrit is welcome!

Deadwoodlightly's pictures

Pictures (in order): # # # # #

by deadwoodlightly

by inebriator

by justmyb0nes

Inebriator's pictures

Pictures (in order): # # # # #

by inebriator

by deadwoodlightly

by justmyb0nes

Skydawnjade's pictures

Pictures (in order): # # # # #

by justmyb0nes

by inebriator

by deadwoodlightly

My Alternate

Be sure to credit the right maker!
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Tags: !icons, celeb: jared leto, celeb: shannon leto, celeb: tomo milicevic, challenges: iconbattle, music: 30stm
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love 28 and 45 :)
Thank you dear!!
(Issue with #45? It's not the same picture used? ;))
I love all of them, gorgeous!
I love those icon battles too, it's interesting to see what everyone comes up with :)
Actually it is xd. It's a picture coming from the credits where we see 2 different scenes in the same time :p
Thank you!!!
Me too :p It's a bit addicting
gorgeous icons!
i just saw them live on Tuesday and they ROCK SO MUCH!
thank you!!
and Yes they do!!!!!!
I'm saving a couple.. they are all very cool :D
Thank you so much!!!
Absolutely gorgeous work <333
Thank you!!! <33
Gorgeous work, hun :D
thank you dear!!
These are so gorgeous, all of you did a fantastic job, I can't even pick favourites, but I love the use of bright colours in all of them :)
You're a way too kind *hugs you tight*
Bahh, you deserve it :)
Ah, honey, they're awesome!! :D
you're too nice with me thank you!!!!
Love yours!! Esp 13 & 31
thank you dear!!!
(awww your icon is awesome :p)
Wow, they're all so amazing.
I have to snag 36, it calls to me :P
Will credit
thank you!! Enjoy !