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Brand new world!

Hello everyone! I'm running this omm for 2 years now and I needed a change!
This community is now CLOSED. But, as I'm a Photoshop addict, I opened a new one:
room_6277 room_6277 room_6277

The first batch is laready waiting for you! Be sure to watch for updates! It's open to everyone. I hope to see you all there!! I'll post everything there now.

Grand opening with 30 Seconds To Mars, Moulin Rouge, Mr Nobody, Requiem For A Dream, The Day After Tomorrow, Gladiator, Space Above And Beyond, Inception, Prince Of Persia, Jarehead, Torchwood, Marie Antoinette, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind
here @ room_6277
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IMPORTANT (and yes I'm angry)

I don't bitch a lot but I saw something that really made me angry (to not say furious).

You're using my icons on boards. It's forbidden by the rules but well I can try to deal with it. It's internet after all. But you're not giving credit? Errr NO.
Damn it guys, is it really SO HARD to put a little link in your enourmous signatures? Seriously, I'm not asking much!

Rules of crediting works EVERYWHERE, including boards and any other places where you use an icon as usericon or however it is called in the social network you're in.

All my apologizes to all those who are not concerned by this note.
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Pimping again!

I'm offering 20 icons of any fandoms at gulf_aid_now. Shareable or not. You can bid here. Auction begins at $1 and you can already bid. You can give money to any of the charities listed in the sidebar here. It is in order to help to fight the oil spill.

Auction ends the 5th of July. The last day to deliver icons is the 31st of july.